Do 7 words make a perfect clickable headline?

by Dean Evans

Headlines don't get much better than this

Every article needs a great headline.

Your headline is arguably the most important part of your article. It needs to get across what your article is about, include your keyword(s) and be written in such a way that it teases, intrigues, warns, helps or shocks.

Get your headline wrong and your article will go un-clicked and unread.

With this in mind, can we determine any patterns to headline writing? Yes, we can. We cover 21 ways that you can improve your headlines in The Good Content Code, including lots of examples.

Elsewhere, the Content Marketing Institute has just posted some interesting research, which highlights several factors that could improve headline click-through rates.

For example:

Length matters
A title with eight words performed best. These titles received a 21% higher click-through rate than average.

Pics get clicks
Outbrain’s data analysis showed readers are attracted to content with images. Thumbnails worked better than logos and increased click-through rates by 27%.

There are three more observations that make interesting reading. All five are based on data from 150,000 headlines recommended across Outbrain, a content discovery engine.

So, do seven words make a perfect clickable headline? No. If you believe the research, then eight words is the sweet spot.

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