Article writing: A 23.8 second guide

by Dean Evans

digging my new SwatchKnowing what to write about is one thing, actually writing it quite another prospect. Especially if you don’t consider yourself to be a writer.

But article writing doesn’t have to be painful. You don’t need to waste time staring at a blank screen, wondering where or how to begin.

In fact, writing articles can be as simple as following these 9 steps:

  1. Pick your topic
  2. Define your keywords
  3. Build a rough outline of what you want to say
  4. Think of a catchy title
  5. Grab people’s attention with a good first paragraph
  6. Put your most important information first
  7. Use subheadings to keep people reading
  8. Link to extra resources
  9. Get your reader to do something at the end

After that, you need to check what you’ve written, check it again, then promote the heck out of it across the Internet so your article gets noticed by the wider web community.

As we’ve pointed out in our writing for the web tips, it’s important to keep your content simple. Articles are about the information you deliver FIRST. Obviously, the way you present your information and its tone of voice can enhance an article’s appeal. But it should be a secondary activity.

Content is king.

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