Generating good article ideas: #2 Using Google’s Related searches

by Dean Evans

In the previous article, I talked about how to come up with article ideas using the Google Keyword Tool. ‘Related searches’ is another useful brainstorming option.

Simply type your core keyword(s) into Google and view the Related searches it spits out – you’ll find the option in the left-hand column, under ‘More search tools’.

Here, for example, are the results for the search term ‘wine making’:

You can use Related searches to find companion terms or phrases that you haven’t considered for article ideas. Write down any new ideas or keywords that you find and follow interesting new phrases to find even more.

I could follow up on ‘wine making ingredients’, for example, and write about grape varieties, types of dried flowers, other fruits, nutrients, sterilizers and yeast.

Clicking on the Related searches option for this new search phrase throws up other content avenues that I can explore, including: ‘wine making nutrition’ (is wine good for you?) and ‘ebay ingredients’ (where can you find the cheapest ingredients online?)

Google’s autocomplete function (below) can also be a good source of inspiration.

Type ‘wine making’ into Google, for example, and the autocomplete gives you several viable post ideas straight away…

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