What Is ‘Good’ Content Writing Anyway?

by Dean Evans

Good content stands out from the crowd.

Good content writing is different things to different people.

It might be an article that gets you lots of traffic. Or retweets. Or Facebook likes.

It could be a sales page that converts at more than 2%.

Or a handy solution that solves an annoying problem.

Good content writing is all of these things and more. In my experience, good website content and good blog content deliver what a reader needs – information, a solution, entertainment or inspiration.

… While also satisfying the demands of the content publisher in terms of page views, links, leads or sales.

My good content writing philosophy

Is there a magic formula you can follow for good content creation? Not exactly. But there is a content writing philosophy that guides what I do at The Good Content Company. It goes like this:

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So what is ‘bad’ content writing?

If good content has a purpose for both the consumer and the creator, then bad content doesn’t have either. Poorly written content is often little more than filler, the antithesis to the good content philosophy outlined above.

It’s easy for a writer to fall into bad habits.

Improve your content writing

As content writers, we never stop learning. There’s always a better way to do something, a trick we haven’t learnt, or a new tool to help us work smarter. On the blog, I share what I’ve picked up in over 20 years of content creation.

Plus: adventures in SEO writing that include (or will include): how to write any article, where to find good content ideas, how to grow your website and much, much more. Feel free to use what you need, including our content tools.

Content writing services

If you already have content that satisfies the guidelines here, content that is entertaining, enlightening, inspirational, useful, genuinely valuable and professionally written, then you probably don’t need us.

If you don’t, then why not get in touch?

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Jimi Ellis February 19, 2013 at 3:03 am

Thanks Dean!
It’s nice to have this site as a resource. Amongst everything else connected with building a website, such as the technical, SEO, marketing and story chasing, the content structure should be pinnacle.
Not being a highly educated guy, i enjoy all the help i can get.
Thanks again,


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