Why good content stands out from the crowd

by Dean Evans

Eggistentialism III

Be different. Stand out from the crowd...

Good content should be some (or most) of the following: entertaining, enlightening, inspirational, instructional, genuinely useful, relevant and valuable.

Good content will help you stand out from the crowd.

But it often won’t stand out on its own. Content needs to have a spotlight shone on it, promoted using methods including (but not limited to): article, Twitter and Facebook marketing; blog commenting; guest posting; press release writing and email newsletters.

We talk about them all here.

At the risk of including too many metaphors, think of this promotional aspect as the digital equivalent of handing out leaflets and slapping up posters.

Smart content marketing can distribute hundreds of little signposts on the wider web, all of them pointing to your website and boosting your visibility to web searchers.

But be selective. Not every chunk of content is worth promoting. You only want to pick your best stuff – the top 50’s, the how to’s, the first-run news articles, the exclusive reviews and interviews. Create a strategy for getting the word out and stick to it. You might not see results immediately. But stay your course. It often takes time to make your mark.

Content promotion isn’t glamourous work. But if you’re not getting enough traffic, you need to do everything that you can to build a following. Eventually, you can take your foot of the promotional gas and let your website visitors do the job for you, sharing and recommending the good content that you create with links, Likes and new-fangled Google +1s.

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