How being unique makes Google love your website

by Dean Evans

Les mans del terrisser // The Potter's Hands

Each piece of pottery made by hand will be unique.

‘Unique’ refers to how original the words, phrases and paragraphs in your articles are. While Google loves new, information-rich content, it holds a special place in its algorithms for content that doesn’t appear anywhere else.

Having unique content on your website or blog is vital for boosting your rankings in the search engines and for getting noticed.

As Google points out: “Unique content is a main reason users would choose to visit your site instead of other sites.

“Unique, relevant content is considered one key to a good website. The more high-quality, unique content a website can provide, the better the user experience will be (and the longer a user may stay on your site to browse and, possibly, purchase).”

The problem for content writers is that creating unique content is time-consuming and the web’s demand for fresh stuff is never-ending. It’s why some people try to find quicker ways of doing it. This might include publishing thin, ‘zero value’, often nonsensical content that’s simply a vehicle for keyword placement, or publishing other people’s content (with and without permission).

While some shady content creation methods might lead to short-term gains, an honest strategy of quality, unique content production will always pay dividends in the long-run.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: ~Oryctes~

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