Generating good article ideas: #1 Using the Google Keyword Tool

by Dean Evans

idea generation techniquesThere are several powerful techniques that you can use to think up new article ideas or clever blog posts.

Let’s kick off with how you can use the good ol’ Google Keyword Tool to do this…

When you want to smash your way through writer’s block, keyword research is a handy sledgehammer that you can use to make an instant breakthrough and spark your creativity.

Why the picture of wine bottles? Let me explain…

First, fire up the Google Keyword Tool and type in the keywords that best define the topic you’re working in – ‘video games’, ‘insurance’, ‘weight loss’, ‘dog training’, etc.

The keyphrase ‘Making your own wine’, for example, throws up related keyword phrases including: ‘wine racks’, ‘wine labels’, ‘wine making equipment’ and ‘wine press’.

Brainstorming good article ideas

Picking ‘wine racks’ from this initial list, we can dig deeper and brainstorm article ideas based on what the Google Keyword Tool spits out. Then, simply plug the keywords into successful article formats. Here are a few examples:

  • 5 things you need to know about wine racks
  • How to make your own wine rack
  • The science of using a wine rack to store your bottles
  • The world’s most expensive wine racks
  • What makes a good wine rack?
  • 10 of the best wooden wine racks
  • 7 eye-catching contemporary wine racks

And so on.

Think about your core keyword or subject matter. Break it down into sub-topics. Then see if you can break those sub-topics down into sub-sub-topics. You can also use the Google Keyword Tool for this.

See what people have been searching for and dig into related keywords for even more article ideas. Write everything down and expand the phrases that you find into potential posts.

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