How To Write The Best Headlines You’ve Ever Written

by Dean Evans

Is there a quick and easy way to write the best headlines for your content so you get more clicks?

Even a small change to the way you work could help boost the engagement potential of your articles and accelerate your overall writing speed.

In the previous post, I suggested how using a strategy of marginal gains could help you boost your writing performance.

The idea is to make small improvements to every element of the writing process. Headline writing is one of those elements.

Why skimping on headline writing could cost you readers

The importance of a strong headline shouldn’t be underestimated. Get this element wrong and you could scupper your chances of converting people from vaguely interested passers-by into fully engaged readers.

Make no bones about it: a bad headline can kill good content.

Even before I started the marginal gains experiment (inspired by British cycling success at the Olympics and the Tour de France), I wanted to find a way to write the best headlines I could, faster.

Some people seem to be able to write great headlines right off the bat. Some websites consistently produce killer titles that have an almost effortless ability to attract and engage. For the rest of us, it takes a bit more work.

How to write the best headlines: the quick fix

In most cases, we just need a prod in the right direction. Or a little voice saying: “hey, why don’t you try this?”

Fortunately, there’s an ebook for anyone who needs that little voice.

This ebook is for anyone who craves a quicker, simpler way to write better performing headlines.

And it’s completely, utterly and conveniently FREE!

Get time-saving content tools

Write Great Headlines Every Time is one of our core content creation tools. It lays out a simple but effective process for headline writing; one that offers a systematic approach, provides a solid place to start and gives you proven ideas to work with.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you download this ebook:

  • What makes a great headline
  • The 12 things you can do right now to improve your headlines
  • The amazing headline writing tactic most people still don’t use
  • How to write great ‘News’ headlines
  • How to write great ‘Review’ headlines
  • How to write great ‘How To’ headlines
  • How to write great ‘List’ headlines
  • The one word that will get your headlines clicked
  • How to pull a psychological trigger
  • How to check if your headline will really work

If ‘Write Great Headlines Every Time’ helps you to improve your headline writing by only 1%, it’s one small step towards the overall goal of writing quicker, saving time and getting more done.

Get this headline writing resource for FREE here.

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