Don’t Trust Your Spell Check

by Dean Evans

Don’t Trust Your Spell Check tackles proofreading and copy editing from a different perspective.

It shows you why people regularly make mistakes when they create content, what mistakes they regularly make, and how to spot mistakes before it’s too late. It also includes over 25 proofreading tests, designed to develop and improve proofreading and copy editing skills.

Why is proofreading important? Because poor attention to detail can be disastrous. Wince at the US high school, which had a sign inviting parents to a ‘laeping to literacy night’. Pity the department store that proudly advertised its grand opening in ‘Febuary 2010’.

A spell check would have caught these particular errors. But it won’t catch every goof and gaffe. It wouldn’t have objected to the way a Baltimore news channel once subtitled Prince Harry as the ‘Prince of Whales’. Neither will it spot the four glaring errors in the sentence: ‘Simone painted his finger the boy and smiled wicked smile’.

Don’t Trust Your Spell Check

In Don’t Trust Your Spell Check, veteran writer, editor and Good Content Co. founder Dean Evans explains:

  • The difference between proofreading and copy editing
  • What happens if you don’t proofread (hint: stupid mistakes)
  • Why we can’t stop making stupid mistakes
  • What stupid mistakes we can’t stop making
  • Why we don’t spot these stupid mistakes
  • How to improve your copy editing to eradicate errors
  • How to improve your proofreading to destroy all typos
  • How a style guide can be a proofreader’s cheat sheet
  • How to improve your concentration and reduce distraction
  • Why computers can’t proofread for love nor money

Don’t Trust Your Spell Check (Lite)

The ‘Lite’ edition of Don’t Trust Your Spell Check is cheaper, shorter and only features the 25 tricky proofreading tests and their corrections. Some of the tests are short passages mined with a cluster of hard-to-spot spelling errors. Others are longer text excerpts, where there’s only one grammatical goof to spot. The question is: can you beat them?

You can try a sample of either book and buy them online at Amazon (UK), Amazon (US) and other international Amazon stores. Available on iBooks, Kobo and Nook soon.

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Lei-Lani April 29, 2013 at 2:27 am

I checked Amazon and they do not have a copy of “Don’t Trust Your Spell Check”. Any suggestions of where I can find a copy. I am located in Australia. I have a Nook e-reader also.


Dean Evans June 14, 2013 at 3:03 pm

It’s definitely there Lei-Lani. Not available on Nook yet, but that’s in the works, along with a print version.


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