A Quest To Write Faster (And To Do More In Less Time)

by Dean Evans

A friend recently asked me what my blog was about. I told him that “I’m on a mission to do more in less time“.

Since I started my own business and became a dad, time is something I have much less of. Now the clock seems to tick faster. Days fly by. Weeks evaporate. Sometimes, I’m not entirely convinced that Thursdays have 24 hours in them.

I need to do more in the time that I do have.

And I think I’ve found a way.

Not just any old system

I began to ask myself questions. How could I write faster? How could I maximise my efficiency? Could I somehow bottle creativity and pour it out on demand?

I’ve tried several off-the-shelf systems and productivity hacks for getting things done. But nothing has stuck. Nothing has felt right.

I needed a system of my own.

But not a single, large, unwieldy system. Instead, I envisaged a more flexible and agile ‘system of smaller systems’, all working together. So I started experimenting with processes, templates and checklists, hoping to impose structure and accelerate key elements of content creation.

This blog documents those experiments.

How to write faster

It starts with a quest to write faster. Is it possible to create good articles in 20 minutes instead of two hours? Is there a way to write two posts in a day instead of just one?

What if you could write faster by simply fine-tuning the creative process to eliminate wasted time? What if you could easily combat those creative problems that slow you down, such as not knowing what to write about or trying to think up a catchy headline?

It all starts with a simple but powerful system.

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