Are you a social media lurker? Well stop it!

by Dean Evans

Social media: are you on the outside looking in?

Does your business ‘lurk’ on Twitter, too afraid to join the conversation? Is your social media policy one of watching from the sidelines to see what everybody else does?

Well, you’re not alone. A new survey of 60 major brands has found that some companies are still not taking social media seriously as a marketing tool.

“Some 15% of the companies surveyed were considered social media observers,” reports, “as opposed to actively participating. This observation was defined as:

  • No in-house social media specialists – the focus is on agency expertise, and expanding the responsibilities of communications staff to include social media
  • Less usage of social tools and more emphasis on understanding the overall social landscape and how to operate in it effectively
  • Integration of social media in very few aspects of communication”

The majority (75%) of companies surveyed were considered active ‘participants’ in social media. While only 10% were categorised as ‘social media leaders’, typically with their own in-house team of specialists.

Internet marketing is changing. The good news is, there’s still time to catch up.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Angus?

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