What Website Problems Frustrate The Hell Out Of You?

by Dean Evans

Haven’t got time to write? Don’t want to write? Maybe you don’t know what to write?

I’d like to know what aspects of content creation are currently frustrating you, so we can improve our services and develop content tools to make the thinking, planning and writing processes easier and faster.

I used to struggle with writing first lines. I’d often sit there staring at a blank screen, writing one introductory line after another before deleting them and trying again.

So the question is this: what are YOU struggling with on your website?

  • Do you want to optimise your website (but don’t know where to start)?
  • Do you lack motivation to see projects through to completion?
  • Are you stuck for good ideas?
  • Are your current articles not getting any substantial traffic?
  • Do your headlines suck?

Or is it something else? Whatever it is, unburden yourself in the comments below.

Why? Because we’re busy planning several new ‘shortcut’ resources to help soothe those niggly web writing and content creation problems. You know, the ones that make you grit your teeth and go ‘grr-arrgghh!’

We want to help you create the best content that you can, as efficiently as possible.

So if you have a minute, we’d love to hear what you wish was easier, simpler or quicker.

Jot down your pet-hates in the comments section below.


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