Use my swipe file

Creating a swipe file is a personal process and many of the headlines here have been lifted from the topics I work in – writing and technology. Some of the effective structures here might work for you.

Curious headlines

When you should (and shouldn’t) use a WordPress plugin
The Amazing Marketing Strategy Freelance Writers Never Use
A Simple Calculation That Can Make The Difference Between Success and Failure.
The NEW Way to Create a Custom Facebook Page
Something I Do To Boost Traffic AND Backlinks FAST
How a few simple tweaks nearly tripled my profits
The Best Kept Secret in the SEOmoz Toolset
The Opt-In Dark Side: What People Never Tell You About Building An Email List
List Marketing Tips: 5 Ways To Build Your List That You May Not Be Using
One simple step that increased my sales by more than 4X
Find 2 to 10 Extra Hours Per Week With One Simple Action
The #1 Reason Why You Should Create A Video Today
The 4 Words That Will Get Your Email Opened
The sexy confidence men can’t resist
How I Doubled a Site’s Speed in Under 10 Minutes
2 game-changers that helped transform my online business
Writing is not enough: the new must-have skill for bloggers
One Freelance Writer’s Surprising Strategy for a Revved-Up Career
The “New” SEO Secret Weapon
The riddle of China’s Area 51
Two Simple Ways to Know Exactly What Your Audience Wants
GTA IV – 10 things you didn’t see
The truth behind the PS3 boomerang controller
The One Skill that Makes an Online Entrepreneur Unstoppable
Two Ways to Simplify Your Global Content Efforts
The Biggest Mistake I See on Twitter
Attract 100,000 Pageviews in 1 Month Using Slideshare
The ultimate formula for wealth, freedom and happiness
The #1 WordPress SEO Tactic Every Blogger Should Implement
The single biggest secret…
The three biggest lies about…
You [Eat Worse] Than You Think
The Simplest Way to [Get Smarter]
The 10-Minute Technique to Becoming a More Productive Writer
When experts need high traffic websites this is what they do
This 21-Year-Old May Have Cracked The Future Of Mobile Advertising
How the Right Tools Can Help Remedy Your Website’s Traffic Problem
Beware! 7 Financially Fatal Spending Traps
Why the Leap Is the Best Gesture-Control System We’ve Ever Tested
Three Myths about What Customers Want
8 Foods You Should Not Refrigerate
The Wrong Ways to Cook Eggs
10 Devices Not To Buy Right Now—Including E-Readers
How My Self-Published Book ‘Wool’ Became A Hot Movie Property
Two thirds of new homes fail energy efficiency rules. Does Yours?
The Truth About Making Money While You Sleep

Templates and Guides

7 Simple Steps to Launch A Profitable Newsletter In One Week
The Anatomy Of A Perfect Squeeze Page
Your Foolproof Sales Letter Template
Walkthrough of a $20,000 sales letter
Steal my bulletproof $1.74 million formula
The Only Guide to Online Product Pricing You’ll Ever Need
Every Tool You’ll Ever Need To Create and Launch An E-Book
Writing an eBook: How to Get Started (and Finish!)
Traffic Generation Step by Step: So You Published a New Post, Now What?
A Template for Killer Website Content
A definitive guide to content scraping and how to stop it
The Difference Between Good Content Marketing and Great Content Marketing
15 minutes to better website content
How Content Turns Prospects Into Customers
The Essential Guide to Growing Your Blog on Minimal Time
Building a Great Business: 3 Basics
Mass Effect 3: guns, upgrades and planets you shouldn’t miss
4-Step Formula for Guaranteed Success
What The Highest Converting Websites Do Differently
What’s the #1 WordPress SEO Tactic Every Blogger Should Implement?
Four Things to Get Right When Starting a Company

Info or statement headlines

iPhone 5: what you need to know
The Huge Untapped Potential of Q&A Content for SEO
Getting rich with ebooks
Double Your Popup Domination Results
Official: AMD Buys ATI, Shafts NVIDIA
Ridiculously Effective Technique for Online Lead Generation
Email Marketing for Everybody

List headlines

10 things
10 things [for something]
10 steps/ways [to do something]
10 steps/ways [to do something] without [something else]
10 Ways to Make Your Writing Quick and Easy
10 Ways to Make Your Blog a Cooler Place to Hang Out
7 keys to starting a profitable business from scratch
7 Steps to an Email Opt-in Page That Works
The 7 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design
4 Affiliate Marketing “Traps” You Might Be Falling Into
7 keys to starting a profitable business from scratch
11 Ways ProBloggers Promote Their Products Long After Launch Day
The top 10 most frequently asked questions about…
Website Content Marketing: 49 Creative Strategies that Work
8 Fun And Surprising Ways To De-Stress The Brain
Unhealthy Hair? 5 Easy Fixes
The 4 Levels of SEO
7 Traffic Tips For First Time Bloggers
7 factors that can make or break your online business
10 Simple Ways to Double the Speed of Your Writing… Right Now
9 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Successful Right Now!
8 Social Media Behaviors that Won’t Win You Customers
5 Brilliant Things You Can Do with an Inactive Blog
10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Grow Your Email List
10 Fascinating Facts About Phone Numbers
21 Dangerous Blogging Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)
5 Mistakes That Will Crush Your Blog’s Growth
7 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Blog
22 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Photography Forever
10 books every entrepreneur must read
21 tactics to increase blog traffic
10 SEO blog post publishing steps that most bloggers forget
23 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Making Any Money (And What To Do About It!)
Surefire Ways To Get A Truck Load Of Comments On Your Blog Posts
11 ways to use content to build online authority
4 steps to turn knowledge into income
5 ways to get more work done without actually working
14 simple website changes that increase conversions
Flatten your abs in 4 easy steps
50 things you should never have stopped doing
50 ways to seduce a man (in a minute or less)
5 Resources for Getting Started with Content Marketing
7 Hot Posts on My Blog this Month, and Why They Were Successful
5 awesome landing page lessons from real life examples
7 reasons why nobody shares your content
11 Reasons Why My Blog Is Better Than Yours
15 things successful CEOs want you to know
The 3-Step Formula to Launching Anything
The 25 Must Have’s of a Great Business Website
5 things you can learn by [action]
5 Ways to Make Your Blog’s Sidebar Work Smarter
98 Content Marketing Articles That’ll Keep You Up for Weeks
5 Questions That Might Just Save Your Blog
8 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Being Scammed by a Marketer
A Sustainable 6-Step Process for Creating Engaging Blog Posts
X sweet tweaks to [outcome]
The 100 most valuable brands you’ve never heard of
10 games you’re not talking about, but should be…
10 Tips on Maximizing Laptop Battery Performance
Brand Yourself in Four Simple Steps
3 Reasons No One Comes Back to Your Blog—and How to Fix It
5 ways to market yourself without spending a dime
Three Problems that Make Me Leave Your Blog in Three Seconds
7 Common Social Media Marketing Problems and Their Solutions
9 tools that help us drive higher quality traffic
5 Tools to Take Your SEO to the Next Level
7 Cool Gadgets To Make Your Photography Experience More Interesting And Fun
6 Filmmaking Tips From The Coen Brothers
10 Tips For Startups From The Founder Of DoubleClick
10 Mistakes I Made Publishing My eBook, and How You Can Do it Better

Question headlines

Who Else Wants to Sell More Ebooks?
Who Else Wants to Write a Book?
Ask Ana: What Would You Like to Know About Traffic Generation and SEO?
Are you putting your freelance copywriting business at risk?
What motivates readers to share?
Have Sean Platt and David Wright Seen the Future of Indie Publishing? Here’s a Peek.
Does your site suffer from “content mullet” syndrome?
What WordPress Plugins Are Vital to the Success Of Your Blog?
Dear Aunt TUAW: How do I post a website on Dropbox?

‘Why’ headlines

Why It’s A Great Time To Be A Freelance Writer
Why Your Business Will Fail If You Don’t Follow These Hidden Rules
Why Bad Writers Are Eating Your Lunch And What To Do About It

‘How to’ headlines

How to Test Your Product Before It’s Even Made
How to Increase Your Click Through Rate (and a “Sneaky” Way to Convert More Readers in Buyers to Boot)
How to write Blog Posts That Get Traffic!
WordPress SEO: How to Interlink Your Articles the Right Way
How to Make an Amazing E-Book In One Weekend
Your Best Post Published In An eBook: Here’s How
How to Build Your List the Way No One Else Does It
How to Survive Future Algorithm Updates
How to launch a blog that matters
How to build a traffic-siphoning marketing funnel
How to streamline site navigation to attract and retain customers
How to Counter the 5 Most Common White Paper Promotion Mistakes
How To Be More Effective In Your Online Business
How to Get Noticed by Social Media Influencers
How To Plan, Build, And Launch Your Own Website In 4 Days
How to make an extra $61,880 this year
How To Increase Sales 50% In Just 15 Minutes A Day
How to craft a headline that can’t be ignored
How to Sell if You Hate Selling
How to become an ebook superstar

Case study (how I did) headlines

How I Doubled My Productivity as a Blogger by Becoming a Virtual CEO
“How 2 Burned Out Service Industry Slaves Turned Into Info Product Gurus in Less Than A Year”
How A Few Extra Words Can Dramatically Improve Your Article Headlines
How He Built a Thriving Online Community and a Profitable Blog in 5 Months
“How I Wrote 1,594,121 Words for 2/10ths of 1 Cent Without PLR” (and You Can Too)
Lessons from my successful book launch
Rethinking what it means to publish today
How We Built A Million Dollar Site In 4 Months