Spell check fail as news channel writes Prince of 'Whales'.

Word processors like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice have certainly made writing easier.

But they’ve also made writers lazier. Traditional proofreading is often an afterthought in a world of intelligent auto corrections and real-time grammar checking.

Consequently, it’s tempting to leave error-hunting to a spell checker. But effective proofreading isn’t as simple as a spell check, and running a spell check shouldn’t be a replacement for spending some time carefully re-reading text before you print or publish it.

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Ever thought of publishing an ebook on Amazon? It’s not that complicated. A little fiddly perhaps, but nothing you can’t handle. I converted The Good Content Code into a Kindle-friendly format in less than four hours and it was published two days later.

Amazon uses HTML code to specify the layout of a Kindle ebook, so the first order of business is to make your text as clean as possible.

I wrote The Good Content Code in Microsoft Word 2010, so I flushed it through Windows Notepad to get rid of any hidden formatting.

Of course, this also gets rid of any images and text formatting (like bold and italics). You can use images in a Kindle ebook but they are rendered in monochrome and the quality isn’t great.

For this book, I opted to publish without images, so I re-edited the text to remove any references to them.

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